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  • Note: This information is provided as general guidelines and should not be considered medical advice. Please consult your physician for all medical conditions.

    How to Buy the Right Accessibility Ramp

    Q. How do I measure for a ramp?

    The Americans with Disabilities Standards define ramp requirements for public access. Although this Act does not apply to home use, it is recommended that you follow the same standards. These guidelines were created to ensure the safe use of accessibility ramps.

    ADA ramp requirements

    To determine the slope and length of a ramp, use these ADA guidelines. The ADA recommended slope ratio is 1:12.

    1) Determine the rise. This is the vertical distance between the ground and where the top of the ramp will sit.

    2) Multiply the inches your ramp will rise by 12. This is the total includes in length.

    3) Divide the result by 12. This is the total length in feet.

    For example, if the rise is 20 inches, the 20 * 12 = 240 inches / 12 = 20 feet.

    Estimate Your Ramp Length

    Rise (in inches required)
    (Vertical height from the ground to where the ramp will sit)
    Ramp Length Based on Public Use ADA Guidelines
    Recommended Length (1:12 slope) feet
    Ramp Length For Residential Based on PVI Ramps
    Occupied Ramp Length (2:12 slope)
    (Wheelchair/scooter user is sitting in seat)
    Unoccupied Ramp Length (3:12 slope, results in feet):
    (Wheelchair/scooter user is not sitting in seat)

    Q. How high can a wheelchair ramp be?

    If the rise is greater than 24 inches, a modular ramp is the recommended solution.

    Q. How wide should a ramp be?

    The Americans with Disabilities Standards require a minimum width of 36" minimum between the leading edges of the handrails.

    Shop for Ramps

    Quest Mobiilty will help you find the right ramp for your specific wheelchair, scooter or powerchair needs. We are an authorized dealer for the leading ramp manufacturers.

    Send us a question or call us Monday through Friday 8:00am-5:00pm.

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