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   How To Buy Mobility Lifts

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  • Types of Mobility Lifts
  • How to Buy the Right Lift for Your Vehicle
  • How to Buy the Right Vehicle for Your Lift

  • Note: This information is provided as general guidelines and should not be considered medical advice. Please consult your physician for all medical conditions.

    What Are the Different Types of Mobility Lifts?

    1) Wheelchair, Powerchair and Scooter Lifts

  • An outside lift is attached to the outside of your vehicle using a hitch. The lift consists of an actuator and a platform that secures and transports a manual wheelchair, powerchair or scooter.

  • An inside lift allows you to securely carry your wheelchair, powerchair or scooter inside the cargo area of your vehicle. These lifts vary in the weight capacity they can safely support, ranging from 200 lbs. to 400 lbs.

  • Hybrid lifts are mounted inside your vehicle's cargo area. They are powered to move out and then down to ground level. Your scooter, wheelchair or powerchair is then loaded onto the platform and raised up into the cargo area. These lifts are designed for full-size vans, minivans, SUVs and some crossover vehicles.

  • Truck lifts allow you to load and unload your mobility equipment from the driver or passenger side, tailgate or curbside.

  • Check the Harmar and Bruno vehicle compatibilty calculators for more information about your specific vehicle and lift requirements.

    Harmar outside vehicle lift   Harmar hybrid vehicle lift   Harmar truck lift

    2) Stair Lifts

  • Straight

  • Curved stair lifts are custom built for your unique stairway design.

  • 3) Platform Lifts

  • A vertical platform lift, also known as a porch lift, is custom built for your specific inside or outside need. This lift offers easy access without having to transfer from your wheelchair, powerchair or scooter.

  • Harmar porch lift

  • An incline lift is an indoor and outdoor accessible solution for manual wheelchair users. No transferring is needed, making it easy to gain access to the upper floors of your home. The Harmar IL500 lift supports up to 500lbs. and folds to a space-saving 13".

  • Harmar platform lift     Harmar incline lift

    4) Pool Lifts

    The Harmar pool lift offers easy pool accessibility for both residential and commercial uses. This bolt-mounted lift is fully ADA compliant.

    Harmar pool lift

    What Is the Right Lift for Your Vehicle?

    If you are considering a lift for your current vehicle, then we recommend these two simple steps before you purchase a vehicle lift.

    1) Use these convenient vehicle lift compatibility calculators from two of the leading vehicle lift manufacturers we are authorized to represent.

    2) Following both Harmar's and Bruno's recommendations, contact your local authorized dealer to ensure this is the right lift for your vehicle. Since both lift and vehicle specifications continually change, it's important to have the latest product information and guidance before you buy.

    How Do You Choose the Right Vehicle for Your Lift Needs?

    If you are ready to purchase a new vehicle, it's important to know that every vehicle is not suited for every lift.

    While your enthusiastic sales person might assure that your chosen vehicle will meet your lift requirements, it's wise to make a call to your local authorized vehicle lift dealer to confirm. We have seen firsthand too often customers who purchased a vehicle only to discover after the sale that a lift could not be installed.

    1) Information You Need Before You Visit the Vehicle Showroom

  • What kind of mobility device do you have?

  • What is the manufacturer and model?

  • Is there anything special about your mobility device such as power seat or heavy duty batteries?

  • How much does your mobility device weight?

  • Year, make and model of the vehicle you are looking for

  • 2) Things to Consider Before You Buy

  • Outside lifts require a class 3 hitch. This can be installed by dealer or any U-Haul

  • Outside lifts add length to your vehicle

  • Inside lifts will limit the seating capacity in your vehicle. You will most likely lose your back seat.

  • Vans, SUVs and trucks are the best choices for a vehicle lift

  • Even if a hitch company or the dealer says they can install a hitch (with a tongue weight of 400 pounds) on your new Dodge Journey, please call us or double check the tongue weight of the vehicle itself. The hitch may be able to handle more than the vehicle can.

  • 3) Questions to Ask Your Car Salesperson

  • What is the tongue weight? Clarify that you are asking about the tongue weight, not the towing capacity.

    The towing capacity assumes towing something on wheels behind your vehicle. The tongue weight is what can be suspended from the rear of the vehicle. If they don't know the answer, ask them to look at the vehicle's owner's manual. Most vehicles have this information there.

    A mobility scooter usually weighs between 98 and 200 pounds. An outside vehicle lift weighs approximately 120 pounds. If the tongue weight is less than 350 pounds it may not work for you.

  • Does the car manufacturer offer a mobility reimbursement? This is usually offered only on new vehicles and only applies if you are privately paying for the lift.

  • Can I make a quick phone call or check the vehicle and lift compatibility online?
    Simply call us during our business hours (8:00 AM - 5:00 PM Monday - Friday) or visit one of the manufacturer's online compatibiilty calculators.

  • How Can I Help You With Your Mobility Lift Today?

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